The Chronicle Creative

Time is fleeting. Capture it.

Family Owned and Operated Video Production Company

Welcome to The Chronicle Creative

We are best friend/husband and wife/dynamic duo - Austin and Tara Wallace.

We are so excited to have the opportunity to work together creating epic keepsakes of precious memories through film.

Videography is our trade. Story-telling is our specialty. Helping people is our mission.

Hi, I am Tara! 

I have a passion for

helping people. I studied

Social Work at the

University of  Tennessee

to help me do just that.

I love getting to know

what makes you YOU- 

because you are so 

special and unique. I 

have worked as a Life

Enrichment Director with

senior adults for the past five years. I am so excited to enrich lives in a new capacity. Let me help you share your unique story with others!


Hey, Austin here!

I have always loved

creating from behind

the camera. I studied

Journalism and

Electronic Media

at UT Knoxville to help

perfect my craft. I have

worked on all kinds of

video projects from

commercial shoots and

TV production, to personal and promotional

videos. What I enjoy most is taking a creative thought and turning it into reality. I am grateful for opportunity to help people tell their story.