Legacy Stories

Do you have a story? Naturally, we all do! Video is the best way to preserve yours. A Legacy Story Video will be the most treasured keepsake your family will have for generations to come. Of course your stories will be remembered, reminisced over, and retold, but no one tells it quite like you! Preserving your story is preserving history. We consider it a passion and privilege to be a part of helping you tell and immortalize, well, YOU. 

Why trust us with creating your family's Legacy Stories? 

With Tara's years of experience in Social Work she has developed the fine art of interviewing people in a way that gets to the heart and soul of a person. She uses her skills to view and understand the person as a whole. With her easy to love personality, she makes the interview process seem effortless. This helps capture the essence, emotions, and energy of every story!

Speaking of fine art. With smartphones these days, videos seem to be a dime a dozen. With stories these precious, that will be watched countless times over the years, you want an experienced videographer like Austin to capture your story. With his keen eye, skills and experience in videography, and some pretty stellar equipment, you will be left with a piece of art - an heirloom. 


Have an idea for your videography keepsake but not sure how to draft its content? Bonus points if you want us to capture your family vacation abroad.

Annoucement videos

Do you have some BIG news? Personal or professional, record it in a way that others get the message


and visually pleasing too!

Business promo videos

Do you want to feature a new or improved aspect of your business? Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow your business by showcasing YOU  on social media platforms. It's the modern day commercial!

Team Building

Do you have a project you want to collaborate on? We love to work with other creatives!